Women’s Team

1PropAbigail Freer JuniorChemistry
2HookLeah LeinerSeniorMath
3PropNiskua MedinaFreshman
4PropNellie BowenJuniorChemistry
9ScrumhalfAriadne Sinnis-Bourozikas JuniorComputer Science
10Fly-halfPatricia SicatJuniorChemistry
11CenterEmma SandmanSophomore
14WingTilly BarickmanSophomoreLiterature

Patricia Sicat ’20

Previous sport experience: Rugby and soccer.
Major: Chemistry
Fun Fact:

Ariadne Sinnis-Bourozikas ’20

Previous sport experience:
Major: Computer Science
Fun fact:

Nellie Bowen ’20

Hometown: Everett, WA
Previous sport experience: High school tennis, soccer (5ish years in elementary school and middle school)
Major: Chemistry
Fun fact: I play the oboe and run from rugby practice on Monday nights to orchestra rehearsal.

Emma Sandman

Hometown: Versailles, Kentucky
Previous sport experience: 4+ years of soccer
Major: Political Science
Funfact: I have never broken a bone
Why did I start playing rugby? I really enjoyed the bard college rugby community, and enjoy learning new sports

Tilly Barickman

Hometown: Lakeland, FL
Previous sport experience: Having joined the team on the excited insistence of a senior on the team, rugby is the first sport she has ever played competitively.
Major: Literature
Fun fact: As well as playing rugby, Tilly plays in a punk band and breathes fire.